EP Shanghai 2019 returns in November

Zone and Summit

Comprehensive Analysis on Industry Development and Opportunities

Jointly organized by China Electricity Council, State Grid Corporation of China and Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd., the 12th International Exhibition on Electric Power Equipment & Technology (EP Shanghai 2019) and 2019 International Exhibition on Electric Power Automation Equipment and Technology will be held on 6-8 November 2019 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre (Hall N1-N5), PR China. The exhibition will cover over 55,000 s.q.m exhibiting area with 1,000+ local and international exhibitors/brands. It is expected to gather more than 35,000 visitors from 50 countries and regions.

The latest innovation technology and equipment will be showcased at difference specialized theme zones, including “One-stop Transmission and Distribution”, “Electric Power Automation”, “Electric Internet of Things (SG-EIOT)”, “Electric Power Testing, Measuring & Monitoring”, “Power Generating Sets & Energy Storage” , “Intelligent Electrical Equipment Manufacturing” and “Data Center”. With 30+ concurrent symposiums and events, including “Electric Internet of Things (SG-EIoT) Summit”, “EPTC Conference on Electrical Substation Operation and Maintenance” and “Seminar on Information Technology & Industrialization Integration” etc., EP Shanghai 2019 creates a one-stop information and trading platform for the industry.

The Construction of Ubiquitous Internet of Things in Electricity (SG-EIoT) Speeds Up

In-Depth Discussion with Newly Added Theme Zone and Summit今年,国家电网提出“三型两网,To accelerate the implementation of the strategy of “Becoming a world-class energy internet company with 3 functions and 2 networks”, an overall strategic deployment supporting the construction of ubiquitous internet of things in electricity (SG-EIoT) has been made by the State Grid Corporation of China in March.

The ubiquitous internet of things in electricity (SG-EIoT) is an automation system for smart grid. It aims at interconnecting different links in the electric power system, between equipment and end users, grid companies, power generation companies and suppliers, by comprehensively utilizing modern information technology such as data sharing, platforms interconnection to realize intelligence and interaction.

The SG-EIoT includes four layers, namely the sensing layer, network layer, platform layer, and application layer with adoption of intelligent sensing, advanced communication technology, smart chip, data analysis and other smart technology. It will bring new opportunities and investments to those industries such as big data, cloud computing, internet of things, mobile internet, artificial intelligence, blockchain, edge computing, and other information and smart technology.

As the leading electric power and electrical expo organized by State Grid Corporation of China, EP Shanghai 2019 will theme as “Electric Internet of Things (SG-EIoT)” and organize related concurrent summit to discuss the construction and application, as well as the business opportunities of ubiquitous internet of things in electricity. The exhibition also brings in a special theme zone, gathering related enterprises to showcase latest equipment and technology that will be used in the ubiquitous internet of things, in order to help visitor gain insight into emerging trends.

Comprehensive Solutions for the Entire Industry Supply Chain

“Power Generating Sets and Energy Storage” and “Intelligent Electrical Equipment Manufacturing” Zone Debut

Over the past 30 years, EP Electric Power Expo has been constantly seeking for showcasing the latest innovation technology and solutions for the industry. Along with “Electric Internet of Things (SG-EIoT)” Zone, two newly added theme zones, namely “Power Generating Sets and Energy Storage” and “Intelligent Electrical Manufacturing”, will also debut in EP Shanghai 2019.

The exhibits in “Power Generating Sets and Energy Storage” include different power generators, motors and related components, energy storage equipment and technology, battery testing and certification, etc.

The exhibits in “Intelligent Electrical Equipment Manufacturing” include numerical control system, sheet metal processing, welding equipment, application of laser, industrial robot, professional tool, metal testing and measuring equipment and technology, etc.

Show Scale Reaches New Height

Industry Leading Enterprises and International Pavilions Confirmed Participation

Although the global economy is slowing down, the recruitment progress of EP Shanghai 2019 is still going full steam ahead with enthusiastic responses from numerous of enterprises. The numbers of exhibitors and the size of exhibiting area are far beyond the total of the last edition. Show scale reaches new height. The exhibition also joyously welcomes pavilions from Germany, the USA, the Czech Republic, Taiwan, Changzhou Province, Wenzhou Province and Baoding Province.

EP Shanghai 2019 Opens in November at Shanghai New International Expo Centre with 55,000 s.q.m Exhibiting Area

EP Shanghai 2019 will be held on 6-8 November at Shanghai New International Expo Centre. The total area will exceed 55,000 s.q.m for the first time. The show website is now open, welcome to browse and pre-register for early bird privileges.

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