Invitation for The 8th Asia-Pacific Biomass Energy Exhibition

Invitation for The 8th Asia-Pacific Biomass Energy Exhibition
APBE 2019 16. AUG – 18. AUG 2019 (GUANGZHOU, CHINA)
Empowering the industry with insights and opportunities, the Summit occupies a front-row position in the biomass business.
Calling together global like-mind insiders working on the frontiers of bio-energy, this high-end international event has so far recorded attendance from over 30 countries and regions, including China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Austria, Malaysia, India, UK, USA, Singapore, New Zealand, Russia, Romania, and etc.
It is a messenger delivering up-to-the-minute global market trends and policies to worldwide insiders, but at the same time a matchmaker introducing to you valuable business contacts from across the globe!
DATE: AUG. 15TH-16TH, 2019
(APBE 2019)
97% attendees
recognized the
event as a key
sharing platform;
98% attendees
thought the
event was more
successful than
the 2017 edition;
94% attendees
considered to
join the
conference again
in the future;
95% attendees
recommend the
conference to
Mr. Brian made an excellent speech which impressed me a lot! I’m appreciated that I have learned so much from it. Thank you Mr. Brian!
A must-attend event for insiders! Several my
co-workers, including senior executives, engineers and
technicians, attended the summit. It gave us a deeper
understanding on the global market and industry,
which is going to greatly benefit our company’s further
Li Luxin, Chief Engineer of Lvtan Group
Liu Maosheng, President of PYNEO
Partial Feature Speakers From 2018 by Topics:
^ Global Trends and New Technologies
• Brian Cox, Executive Director of Bioenergy Association of New Zealand (BANZ)
• Michael Sew, Secretary-general of Malaysia Biomass Industries Confederation (MBIC)
• Zoya Zimnitskaya, Vice President of International Biofuel Association
• JOHN GUARCO, Technical Director of ZEECO Group
• Hans Sanzenbacher, Executive Director of Polytechnik Deutschland GmbH & General Manager of Polytechnik New Energy Technology (China) Co., Ltd.
^ Chinese Market Trends and New Technologies
• Zhou Jianbin, Professor & Dean of Department of New Energy Science and Engineering of Nanjing Forestry University
• Hong Hao, Vice-president of World Bioenergy Association (WBA)
• Li Shizhong, Professor and Deputy Director of Nuclear Research and New Energy Institute ofTsinghua University
• Tan Zhaohui, Deputy General Manager of Jiangsu KINGWOOD Industrial Co., Ltd.
• Liang Nianxi, Deputy General Manager of Anhui Dingliang Bioenergy Technology Development Co., Ltd.
^ Chinese Industry Regulations and Policies
Dou Kejun, Bioenergy Policy Researcher of Industry Coordination Development of China National Renewable Energy Centre
Cheng Xu, Former Head of Department of Science & Technology, the Ministry of Agriculture of the People’s Republic of China
Dong Renjie, Professor of China Agricultural University & Director of Bioenergy and Environment Science & Technology Laboratory
To maintain the highest level of professionalism, this year we are going to invite our speakers from, but not limited to, the following authoritative organizations, which happen to be our staunch supporters as well:
^ Overseas Trade Associations
• World Bioenergy Association (WBA)
• International Biofuel Association (IBA)
• Malaysia Biomass Industries Confederation (MBIC)
• The Waste Management and Recycling Association of Singapore (WMRAS)
■ New Zealand Bioenergy Association (BANZ)
■ Renewable Energy Center of Department for International Trade
■ Indian Biogas Association (IBA)
^ Chinese Government Agencies & Trade Associations
■ Forest Bioenergy Office of Afforestation and Greening Management Department of SFA
■ State Forestry Planning and Design Institute of Forest Products Industry
■ Chinese Academy of Agricultural Engineering
■ China Biogas Society
■ Specialized Committee of Biomass Energy, China New Energy Chamber of Commerce
■ Biomass Energy Division, China Association for the Promotion of Industrial Development
■ Energy Development Research Center of IAC (The Investment Association of China)
■ Specialized Committee of Domestic-waste-energy, China Association of Environmental Protection Industry
■ National Alliance of Straw Industry Technology Innovation
• Energy Development Research Center of IAC (The Investment Association of China)
• Specialized Committee of Biomass Energy, Guangdong Energy Conservation Association (GDEC)
• Anhui Comprehensive Straws Utilization Association
^ Universities
■ Tsinghua University
■ Peking University
■ China Agricultural University
■ East China University of Science and Technology
■ South China University of Technology
■ South China Agricultural University
■ Shandong University
■ Nanjing Forestry University
^ Outstanding Enterprises
■ Lvding Energy
■ Kingwood
■ Yulong Machine
■ National Energy Group
■ Qiquan Group
■ Everbright Greentech
■ Great Resources
■ Holz Clean Energy
■ Juneng Boiler
■ Zhengchang Group
■ Shuangfeng Boiler
■ Dizhonghai Boiler
■ Hongxin Machinery
■ Leipudun
To help our attendees success in the game, the Summit is going to touch on subjects pertinent and relevant in today’s marketplace. Here are partial selected topics:
^ Morning, Aug. 15th: Main Forum
■ Status Quo and Outlook of Global Biomass Energy Industry
■ China’s Biomass Energy Policy, Industry Standards, Status Quo and Outlook
■ Biomass Molding Fuel and Environmental Protection in China
■ Agriculture and Forestry Biomass Power Generation and Waste-to-energy Market in China
■ China Bio-natural Gas Policies and Massive-scale Production and Application
■ Biodiesel Entering Petrochemical Sales Channel
■ Utilization and Development of China’s and Global Forestry Biomass Resources
■ Industrial Application of Biomass Gasification Technology
■ Case Analysis: Biomass Cogeneration and Polygeneration
■ Global Development of Gasification Based Biomass Co-firing Technology
^ Afternoon, Aug. 15th: Biomass Molding Fuel & Heating (Main Forum)
■ Biomass Power Generation in Japan and Korea and Southeast Asia Biomass Molding Fuel Market
• Russia Wood and Biomass Molding Fuel Market
• How Do Molding Fuel Factories Survive in an Oversupply Market?
• Things You Should Know Before Investing in a Biomass Molding Fuel Factory
• How to Build & Run a Biomass Molding Fuel Factory?
• Leads and Channels: How to Maximize Biomass Molding Fuel Sales?
• Biomass Fuel Molding Technology
• New Technologies and Applications of Biomass Boilers
• Daily Maintenance of Biomass Boilers
• Cost and Feasibility of Desulfurization, Denitrification, and Dust Removal for Industrial Boilers
• Applicability of Low Nitrogen Combustion in Gas Fired Boilers
• Global Low Nitrogen Combustion Technologies
P Afternoon, Aug. 15th: Waste to Energy Power Generation (Sub-Forum)
■ Collection, Storage and Transportation of Agriculture and Forestry Biomass
■ Collection and Disposal of Urban Landscaping and Gardening Wastes
■ Agriculture and Forestry Biomass Power Generation Market in China
■ Urban Wastes Disposal and Waste-to-energy Power Plants Projects
■ Waste-to-energy Generation Technology and Environmental Sanitation Market
• Smart Operation and Management and Safety Issues of Waste-to-energy Power Plants
• Problems and Solutions for Dust Removal and Ash Conveying System in Biomass Power Plants
• Denitration Technology in Flue Gas Cleaning Process for Waste-to-energy Power Plants
• Case Analysis: Agricultural and Forestry Biomass Power Generation in China
• Case Analysis: Urban Waste-to-energy Power Plants in China
^ Morning, Aug 16th: Biomass Gasification & Biomass Co-firing (Main Forum)
• Global Biomass Gasification Technology
• Application ofBiomass Gasification Technology in Industrial Boilers
• Application and Cost Analysis of Biomass Semi-gasification Technology
• Biomass Gisification Power Generation in China
• Case Analysis: Biomass Gisification Power Generation Projects
• Tar-free Biomass Gasification Solutions
• Case Analysis: Advanced Biomass Gasification Polygeneration Technology
• Gasification Based Biomass Co-firing Technology in China
^ Morning, Aug 16th: Biogas & Bio Natural Gas (Sub-Forum)
• Bio Natural Gas Industry in China
• Massive Production and Application of Bio Natural Gas in China
• Biogas Business Operation in the New Era
• Advanced Technologies and Solutions for Biogas Purification and Upgrading
• Case Analysis: Biogas and Bio Natural Gas Projects
• Advanced Technologies and Solutions for Semi-dry Anaerobic Fermentation
• Pretreatment for Biogas Production by Biomass Fermentation
• Monitoring Solutions for Mid to Large Size Biomass Projects
• Biogas Power Generation and Waste Heat Utilization
The event is very professional, but is
certainly not dull. The day-long
conference will be interspersed
with tea breaks, business cards
exchange, Q&A sessions,
outstanding enterprises displays
media interviews and etc,
creating enough networking
opportunities for everyone!
Besides, attendees of the
summit are free to attend the 8th
Asia-Pacific Biomass Energy
Exhibition (APBE 2019)!
Summit Schedule
Date & Time Item
Aug. 14th 16:30-19:00 Sign-in
Aug. 15th (Thursday) 8:00-9:00
9:00-12:30 Main Forum
Biomass molding fuel and heating, power generation and CHP, biomass gasification, biogas, bio natural gas, bioliquid
12:30-13:30 Buffet Lunch Break
13:30-17:30 Main Forum Biomass molding fuel and heating Parallel Forum
Agricultural and forestry biomass power
Aug. 16th (Friday) 9:00-12:00 Main Forum
Biomass gasification/ biomass co-firing Parallel Forum
Biogas/bio natural gas
12:00-13:00 Buffet Lunch Break
13:00-13:30 Boarding shuttle bus to China Import & Export Fair
13:30-17:00 Visit to APBE 2019
17:30-20:30 The 8th APBE Anniversary Dinner
17th-18th 9:00-17:00 Visit to APBE 2019
Registration Fee
^ Speaker Opportunity: USD 2800/30 mins
■ One page free color ad on APBE 2019 exhibitor catalogue;
■ Three seats reserved at the conference (speaker included);
■ Company listed as sponsor with logo on the conference’s background.
^ Audience Registration: USD 500/per person
■ One seat reserved at the 8th APBE Anniversary Dinner on the 16th;
■ Conference materials (speaker PPT, APBE 2019 exhibitor catalogue, brochure on latest Chinese policies);
■ 2 lunch buffets;
■ Free to attend APBE 2019;
■ Company profile included in the APBE 2019 exhibitor catalogue, first come first served.
*Speakers/Attendees are responsible for their own accommodation and travel costs!
Contact Us
Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group
APBE Committee
Contact: Jenny Xiong
Tel: +86 20 29188293
Mob: +86 158 7655 8395

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