Light and Building Frankfurt 2014

Light and Building Frankfurt 2014

The 8th edition of Light and Building Frankfurt starts on the 30th of March, lasting 6 days. The show is the biggest for the lightning industry and presents the latest innovations in the field. In 2014 9 Light and Building events will take place worldwide,¬† starting with Frankfurt. “Energy efficiency” is the leading topic this year, in order words – nothing short of the latest trends, helping save energy and improve efficiency. The topic is a focal point, not only for individuals, but for the world economy.

There will be four main segments Р Lighting, Electrical engineering, Home and building automation, and Software for the Construction Industry. Nearly 200,000 visitors will have the chance to eyewitness what 2,300 exhibitors were in the making of for the last two years. The organizers have prepared a rich , featuring seminars, lectures, forums, workshops, prize and award presentations, a buyer lounge, and more.

So if you want to be a part of this show, save your place, while you still have the chance.

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