MES 2019

Guangzhou Int’l Motor and Energy-saving Technology Expo

2019 Guangzhou Intl Motor and Energy-saving Technology Expo (MES 2019)

China, the Stronghold of Motor Production in Eastern World

According to customs data, in 2018, China has exported 2.74 billion motor products worth $11.2 billion in sum, taking the biggest part in China’s annual exports. China has become the largest motor manufacturer and exporter in the East and the second in the world ranked only after Germany.

MES, the Feast for Global Energy-saving Motor Industry

As one of few professional exhibitions on motors focusing on energy-saving technology in China, MES 2019 aims to attract over 300 exhibitors and 35,000 visitors from over 40 countries and regions around the globe, gathering the world’s most trustworthy enterprises and elites in the industry and most professional buyers to build up the largest one-stop high-efficient business platform for energy-saving technology, motor products, and material suppliers.

World Motor Conference

As one of the most important concurrent event, World Motor Conference will be held during the Expo inviting authorities, experts, academics, business leaders from all over the world. With the theme of “Driving motor industry into new age through its transformation and upgrading”, the conference will contain speeches and discussions about the current market, the development trends of the industry, the state-of-the-art technologies as well as the burgeoning new energy vehicles.

Exhibition Scope:

  • Various type of motors

Large, medium and small motors, various types of energy-saving motors, stepping motors, DC motors, fractional horsepower motors, small power motors, micro-motors, explosion-proof motors, permanent magnet motors, traction motors, etc.

  • Motor control systems and devices

Relay, connector, drive, governor, sensor, converter, radiator, capacitor, fan, thermal protector, control system, servo system, power electronic, numerical control device, switchgear, protection and control device, vacuum equipment, frequency converter, transformer, etc.

  • Accessories and materials

Commutator, bearing, commutator, shaft, motor casing, end cover, electromagnetic wire, enameled wire, lubricating oil, brush, mold, electric carbon, brush, carbon, iron core , collector rings, aluminum die-casting, stamping dies, punching, ovens, etc.

  • Motor manufacturing equipment

Complete set of automation equipment for motor, winding machine, glue wrapping machine, soldering machine, impregnating machine, shaping machine, wire bonding machine, shaping machine, punching machine, forging equipment, spot welding machine, etc.

  • Test equipment

Armature detector, motor comprehensive performance tester, dynamic balancing machine, power tester, dynamometer, insulation performance tester, magnetic measuring instrument, online detector, CAT, mechanical inspection equipment, tooling , production lines, etc.

  • Other energy-saving products

battery, refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation, boiler and so on.

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