Busiest Air Routes in Europe

It is a common sense to guess, which are the busiest airports in Europe.  Anybody would try with Heathrow, Frankfurt, Charles de Gaulle and then a fast check would confirm it.  Yes, the airports mentioned above are really busy, but as hubs of British Airways, Lufthansa and Air France many are transit passengers. A question hard to answer is: Which are the busiest air routes in Europe? Deep thinking would not help a lot. The answer of this question requires data collecting. We turned to the Eurostat database and after a few hours, based on data for the first half of 2013, we managed to pack a list of the top 10 busiest routes in Europe. It turned out that the top is occupied only by national flights between Spanish, Norwegian, Italian, French, German and British cities.

1. Barcelona El Prat Airport – Madrid Barajas Airport

Flight time: 1hr 15 min

Train Time: Barcelona Sants – Madrid Atocha 2hr 50 min

It is highly improbable FC Barcelona and Real Madrid play more than twice a year, so if a flight from Barcelona to Madrid takes 75 minutes  and this is the busiest route, then how busy would be the AVE, which is only 95 minutes slower?  Not to mention that, the airport check-in, the departure and time from Airport to city would inevitably cost more than the travel-time difference.

Simple calculations show that soon this Air Route would be replaced by Ave, something that was already done by Eurostar with London-Paris/Brussels and TGV with Paris – Lyon routes. Fast Train, Empty Plane.

Number 2 to 10 look pretty logical, especially when transport alternatives, terrains and distances between some of the cities, human and economic development indexes are taken into consideration.

2. Oslo Gardermoen Airport – Trondheim Vaernes Airport

Flight time: 55 min

Train Time: Oslo Central Station – Trondheim Central Station  6hrs 45 min

3. Bergen Flesland Airport – Oslo Gardermoen Airport

Flight time: 50 min

Train Time: Bergen Central Station – Oslo Central Station  6hrs 30 min

4. Oslo Gardermoen Airport – Stavanger Sola Airport

Flight time: 50 min

Train Time: Oslo Central Station  – Stavanger Central Station  8hr 10 min

5. Milano Linate Airport – Roma Fiumicino Airport

Flight time: 1hrs 05 min

Train Time: Milano Centrale  – Roma Termini 3hrs 20 min

6. Paris Orly Airport – Toulouse Blagnac

Flight time: 1hr 20 min

Train Time: Paris Montparnasse  – Toulouse-Matabiau 5hrs 30 min

7. Muenchen Airport – Berlin Tegel Airport

Flight time: 1hr 20 min

Train Time: Paris Montparnasse  – Toulouse-Matabiau 5hrs 30 min

8. Berlin-Tegel Airport – Frankfurt Main Airport

Flight time: 1hr 20 min

Train Time: Berlin Hbf- Frankfurt(Main)Hbf 3hr 40 min

9. Dublin Airport – London Heathrow Airport

Flight time: 1hr 15 min

Ship Time: Dublin Ferryport – London Euston  7 to 9 hrs

10. Muenchen Airport – Hamburg Airport

Flight time: 1hr 15 min

Train Time: München Hbf- Hamburg Hbf – 6 hrs

As already mentioned above, not a single of the international European air-routes could make it for the top 10. Here is a list of the top 10 International flights in Europe.

1. Kobenhavn Kastrup Airport – Oslo Gardermoen Airport

2. Stockholm Arlanda Airport – Helsinki-Vantaa Airport

3. Madrid Barajas Airport – London Heathrow Airport

4. Stockholm Arlanda Airport – Kobenhavn Kastrup Airport

5. Stockholm Arlanda Airport – Oslo Gardermoen Airport

6. Amsterdam Schiphol Airport – London Heathrow Airport

7. Wien-Schwechat Airport – Frankfurt Main Airport

8. Geneva Airport – London Heathrow Airport

9. Zurich Airport – London Heathrow Airport

10. Amsterdam Schiphol Airport – Paris-Charles De Gaulle Airport


The busiest intercontinental flight starting or ending in Europe is London Heathrow Airport – New York John F. Kennedy International

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