Prices of Airport Transfers

Prices of Airport Transfers

The Airport transfer is a service, which is booked after flight and hotel reservation. Transfer booking requires exact flight arrival and departure times and also the flight numbers. Taking a taxi from the airport might be tricky. You never know if the driver takes the shortest or fastest route to reach a drop off address, you never know if there won’t be any traffic jam and many prefer to play safe and book and prepay a transfer. But how much does a transfer cost? There are different components forming the final transfer price – like fuel price, taxes, number of registered vehicles, distance from airport to city, public transport, parking zones etc. Of course a traveler would care about the amount he has to pay. To help those planning booking a transfer service in Europe to benchmark and estimate budget, we did the following.

–          Took 34 European Countries and its capitals or in a few cases cities more visited than the capitals (for instance Istanbul instead of Ankara or Zurich instead of Bern)

–          Checked prices for private transfer  from airport to city center per standard vehicle with capacity up to 3  or 4  Pax  offered by three companies and used the lowest prices offered

–          compared final price, distance between an airport and a city center and price per km

Below you can see the extracted results in a four-column table, starting with the cheapest price per km.

The conclusion is that the cheapest price per km is for a Transfer from Boryspil Airport to Kiev – 1,10 EUR per km, while the most expensive is for Copenhagen 16.50 EUR per km.

The lowest price for a transfer is 19 EUR for the distance between Sarajevo Airport and  Sarajevo City Center, on the contrary the highest is Oslo with 207 EUR per way.

When we talk about distance from city, the airport in Oslo is also a leader – 48 km. Closest to its city is Lisbon Airport – 6km.

At many of the mentioned Airports a traveler could also prebook or pay on spot for a Shuttle service, which is always more affordable. The vehicles used for a Shuttle might start with a 7 seater  and reach a coach with 50 or more seats.   The table shows that the normal transfer price per km in Europe is between 1, 50 EUR and 3, 00 EUR. Anything higher than that, would definitely surprise a first time goer, so we hope to help avoid this.


City Price per 1-4/3 Pax Distance Price per Km
Kiev 36 EUR 34 Km 1,10 EUR
Budapest 28 EUR 22 Km 1,30 EUR
Prague 21 EUR 16 Km 1,30 EUR
Skopje 30 EUR 23 Km 1,30 EUR
Athens 47 EUR 34 Km 1,40 EUR
Barcelona 38 EUR 13 Km 1,40 EUR
Belgrade 26 EUR 19 Km 1,40 EUR
Bucharest 27 EUR 17 Km 1,60 EUR
Bratislava 23 EUR 13 Km 1,80 EUR
Ljubljana 47 EUR 26 Km 1,80 EUR
Zagreb 28 EUR 16 Km 1,80 EUR
Moscow 57 EUR 30 Km 1,90 EUR
Amsterdam 35 EUR 18 Km 2,00 EUR
Istanbul 37 EUR 19 Km 2,00 EUR
Sarajevo 19 EUR 9 Km 2,10 EUR
Sofia 22 EUR 10 Km 2,20 EUR
Stockholm 90 EUR 42 Km 2,20 EUR
Tirana 42 EUR 18 Km 2,40 EUR
Malta(Valletta) 19 EUR 8 Km 2,40 EUR
London 71 EUR 28 Km 2,60 EUR
Paris 86 EUR 33 Km 2,60 EUR
Rome 68 EUR 25 Km 2,70 EUR
Warsaw 24 EUR 9 Km 2,70 EUR
Vienna 54 EUR 19 Km 2,90 EUR
Dublin 33 EUR 10 Km 3,30 EUR
Lisbon 21 EUR 6 Km 3,50 EUR
Frankfurt 44 EUR 11 Km 4,00 EUR
Oslo 207 EUR 48 Km 4,30 EUR
Riga 44 EUR 10 Km 4,40 EUR
Brussels 71 EUR 16 Km 4,50 EUR
Helsinki 95 EUR 19 Km 5,00 EUR
Vilnius 39 EUR 7 Km 5,60 EUR
Zurich 68 EUR 12 Km 5,70 EUR
Copenhagen 115 EUR 7 Km 16,50 EUR

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