Toy and Games Fairs

Toy and Games Fairs

No hesitation that Every trade fair could be great moment and an unforgettable experience for visitors and experts with an interest in the respective field. However, one could hardly imagine something more exciting than the Toy Fairs from a child perspective! A lot of toys of all kinds in one and the same place would certainly only exist in dreams of every children. Fascinating is not just the enormous ammount of toys, but also and above the variety. The manufacturers are anxious to overhaul themselves and offer all sorts of things: in addition to the traditional favourite toys for girls and boys of all generations, there are the very latest and most up-to-date models that keep pace with the latest trends.

This does not necessarily means that toy fairs are attractive only for children and parents. Original one of a kind toys are often sought for by collectors who come to a fair wit, hoping to expand their collections of dolls, cars or rocking horses or Toy Railway Trains having special place in homes, awaiting their new trains and wagons, stations and anything that ads up to the uniqueness of a collection.

That group of fairs is worthy not only for attendees that seize eyes on admirable innovative exhibits, but also play a vital role for the exhibitors, who invest to present and promote latest products and to look for new customers and establish contacts with dealers and other professionals. That is a situation of high importance for beginners, for those who are not yet known on specific markets and cant’s wait to introduce themselves. They are eager to win new customers. In addition, for everyone in the sector, the fair is a kind of competition playground that promotes quality and also boosts an opportunity to explore latest trends – and “yes” we also mean trends shaping and tendencies in toys as well as toy prototypes. Every emerging trend, every aspect in toy design is not to be overlooked. The best opportunity to experience is of course a trade fair visit..

The best known of all is probably the International Toy Fair in Nuremberg.

It has been held every year since 1950 and attracts over 75,000 trade visitors, buyers and media representatives, more than half of whom are coming from abroad. The number of foreign exhibitors is also strikingly high – about two thirds of around 2800. The exhibition is simply a meeting place for the international toy traders who present the traditional and the very latest from the industry.

Another worthy Toy fair is SPIELEMESSE. The event exists since year 1995 and presents the updates and variety of games. A broad spectrum of the public is entertained participating in tournaments, exciting competitions, presentations and numerous other happening, which transform the days of the fair into real holiday.

A leading event in the world of Toy Fairs is SUISSE TOY. After a pause in 2018 the show came back for edition in 2019 and announced one for 2020. Suisse Toy is the largest play village in Switzerland, which goes with Toy concept of its own.

Every year since 1983, the exhibition halls in Messe Essen open doors for Internationale Spieltage or as commonly reffered to SPIEL Essen. That is known to be world’s biggest fair for parlour games.

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