Trade Fairs for the Building and Construction Industry

Trade Fairs for the Building and Construction Industry

Construction fairs are events that are traditionally annual and more precisely in the spring, the season that is particularly suitable for starting construction projects. A construction fair is the perfect place to look for construction companies that can fulfill plans and wishes. On the other hand, many people actually start thinking about what their future home should look like in autumn and seek inspiration and ideas for unique and original construction and design. This is a reason that makes autumn also good time slot for building and construction fairs, which are very common for architects. That is the perfect showcase for the presentation of building plans, which grab the attention of prospective customers. A large number of the exhibitors represent building industry fields like bricklayers, plasterers, painters, carpenters, joiners. That is the best scenario giving an opportunity to all those interested to learn more about options and best practices so they can make informed decisions. It is a chance to liaise directly with industry professionals, architects, craftsmen, not only for building a new house, but also for renovation, renew, redesign or house reconstruction.
Building and Construction fairs mainly differ from other types of fairs because much of the products cannot be displayed.They can’t bring concrete, bricks or heavy building equipment goods, but brochures, information, layouts. Of course the visitors can send inquiries to the exhibitors and receive offers shortly afterwards. No building fair, no matter how big it is, can serve all the aspects of a large building project. Project planning, preparation and management necessarily requires visiting fairs for the construction industry more frequently. Here some examples of leading world building and construction industry fairs:

BAU is considered to be the largest and best known building and construction trade fair in the world. It has been held in Munich every two years since 1964 and presents a very extensive range of products in the field of architecture, materials and systems for all areas of construction – from industry to interior design. That is the main reason which makes it a focal for wide range of construction professionals – craftsmen, entrepreneurs, engineers and architects.
Having more than 2000 exhibitors, 25% of them from abroad, the show present innovative products and services thematically. An example “Energy / Building systems / Solar technology”, “Chemical building products”, “Investing in the future”.
In addition to that, more than 250,000 trade visitors have a chance to attend life demonstrations of practical applications of various building materials and techniques at special events taking place during the fair.

One of the highlights in the program of the shows is the possibility for exchanging views with well-known architects and engineers from all over the world.

Another top industry event is Bauma.

Bauma is top fair for all types of machinery in the sector of construction machinery and equipment, building materials and mining machinery and construction vehicles. It was founded in 1954 and now takes place every 3 years in Munich. The event is open to trade visitors and the public. Their number is remarkably high – over 530000, 22000 of them from abroad. They are attracted by the extensive and varied range of the trade fair. Almost 3500 exhibitors, half of which are foreign representatives of the industry, present brand new products, which help them grow fast in the world building market.

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