55 and more

55 and more

With so many fairs, namesakes are absolutely logical. We went deeper aiming to find the most overused word.  The result was stunning and definitely beyond our expectations. A dictionary quote: “The word “agri”, genitive of “ager”, means “a field” and comes from late Latin.” In 27 European Countries, we found 55 events, which use Agri, Agro or Agra in their names.  The proof is below, if anyone knows a competitor, we’d be glad to see it shared.

Austria Agraria Wels

Azerbaijan Agrihort

Belarus Belagro

Belgium Agribex

Bulgaria Agra and Bioagra

Czech Republic Techagro

Denmark Agromek

Finland Koneagria

Georgia Agro+food+drink+tech

Germany Agritechnica; Agrarwelt Bodensee Agra; Regioagrar Bayern Agri Historica

Greece Agrotica

Hungary Agromashexpo

Italy Agrialp; Fieragricola; Agriumbria; Mostra Dell’agricoltura Regionale Sol & Agrifood; Agriest Tech; Agrilevante

Kosovo Agrokos

Latvia Rigaagro

Macedonia Itf Agrofood

Moldova Moldagrotech

Romania Agraria; Agromalim Indagra Food; Indagra

Russia Agrofarm; Agrorus; Interregional Agroforum Agricultural Week; Agrocomplex; Agroprodmash Agrosalon;

Agrotech Russia Agrosib; Agroexposiberia; Yugagro

Serbia International Agricultural Fair

Slovakia Agrokomplex; Agrosalon

Slovenia Agra

Spain Fima Agricola; Agraria

Sweden Agriculture Livestock And Technology

Switzerland Agrama

Turkey Agro Eurasia Ukraine Agro Animal Show; Agro Interagro; Agroforum

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